We're Briana and Jason. We started Brainstorm in the 2008 recession. We are a very small business. When you buy from us, you're supporting a long line of other small, independent businesses. It's the big little economy. We are grateful for every sale and every happy customer.

We like to surround ourselves with artful objects and want to provide you with those same creature comforts that make your home life a little more creative and colorful. We make things that we want to keep in our own home. That's how we decide what to make for you. 

Who designs your prints and goods?

Everything is developed, illustrated, and designed by us, the owners. We hire freelancer designers and photographers for projects when we can. We've outsourced our screen printing and store fulfillment to New Duds in Vermont. They crush it. 

As for the goods we make, we do our best to source high quality, USA made goods. We support and source from small, local businesses when possible. But we believe in the global economy as long as it's responsible. Every current puzzle on our site is made in USA, our current trays are made in Finland, our glassware is made in America, and our expanding line of products are currently made in China. If you have a quality supplier connection you think would work for us we're always open to suggestions! 

Are your prints limited edition or open edition? Screenprint or digital?

Both. As we get more and more into wholesale, most prints are open edition and printed digitally. When we run a print on a special color paper or with unusual inks, that is usually only offered as a limited edition. As of 2023 every new print we release will be offered as a screenprinted limited edition, hand signed and numbered, and offered at a higher price point. The print will be offered as a digital open edition for anyone not interested in that fancy shiz. We are working through mixed inventory right now. 

Are your products available for wholesale?

Yes! Please send an email to hello@wearebrainstorm.com and let us know what prints or products you are interested in and where you're located. We'll send you a wholesale catalog and discuss our terms. In the meantime, you can check out our WHOLESALE page for a list of stores where we currently have product. If you are neighbors and want exclusivity, we have minimum monthly order requirements. We're also on FAIRE! 

Are your prints easily framed?

Yes! Everything is a standard frame size, even our puzzles. Our prints come in  11"x14" and 18"x24". Very easy to find frames. Puzzles are also 18"x24". 

How do you ship your products?

Our products ship via USPS. Domestic US purchases are sent Priority with tracking and package information automatically emailed. International orders are typically sent First Class International. First Class has limited tracking but is the most economical option. Upgraded shipping options are available, just get in touch. Sometimes we split shipments and your order will come in two packages. You will receive notifications for each individual shipment via email. TAKE NOTE: If an item is shown as "Delivered" by the USPS or UPS, Brainstorm will not replace the item or provide a refund as "Delivered" status serves as guaranteed confirmation and receipt. Please make sure the shipping address you choose is a place that receives packages safely and easily. 

How do you pack things for shipping?

PRINTS: Small 11x14 prints are shipped flat in a rigid mailer with protective backing board to eliminate bending. Large 18x24 prints are rolled into a thick, plastic bag and inserted in to an industrial kraft tube mailer. The prints will unroll just fine; for more information about that please read our 'Rehab and Print Life' section of our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that 18" x 24" posters must ship in a tube. If you are combining multiple items into one order, a print and a puzzle, for example, this will require multiple packages and unfortunately raise the cost of shipping a bit. 

PUZZLES: Our puzzles are shipped in a polybag. They are sturdy boxes and we want to keep plastic packaging to a minimum. 

What is your shipping schedule?

We ship within two business days of you placing an order! Our warehouse is super efficient, but we cannot speak to what happens once it leaves. The state of shipping is slow but please be patient with your mail carriers. 

Terms & Conditions

The Brainstorm Store operates according to the following conditions. Please read them carefully. You automatically agree to all these conditions when you buy something from the store. This website and all associated images and artwork is owned and operated by Brainstorm Print and Design LLC. If you have any questions or issues about the shop or the website, please let us know: hello@wearebrainstorm.com

Customers and Email Lists

When making a purchase from our shop, all customers will have their email addresses added to our mailing list. Brainstorm typically emails one newsletter per month with deals and coupons (not spam) and we will never, ever sell an email. We don't even know how to do that. In every newsletter there is a 1-click unsubscribe button and any customer who does not wish to receive our newsletters can easily unsubscribe. We work really hard to make them funny and entertaining. 

Product Availability

All orders are subject to availability. Limited and open edition Brainstorm prints and puzzles may sell out quickly and become unavailable before Brainstorm is able to update the shop to reflect our inventory. Brainstorm reserves the right to refund or refuse orders based on this fact. 

Lost Items

Brainstorm ships all (domestic US) tubes with "Delivery Confirmation" service from the USPS. If an item becomes lost (and untraceable) in the mail, Brainstorm will replace or refund the item, subject to availability, at our expense. However, if an item is shown as "Delivered" by the USPS, Brainstorm will NOT replace that item or provide a refund as "Delivered" status serves as guaranteed confirmation and receipt. The address you choose for delivery MUST be an address that you can confirm delivery. Typical shipping location problems are apartment buildings, condos, office buildings, and college dorms. Please be aware of the protocol that your local postal carrier uses to deliver packages. If you cannot control items that are left on/at a door step, hallway or office that is not Brainstorm's responsibility. Brainstorm will not replace or refund a package that the USPS has "Delivered."


All content on this website is the property of Brainstorm Print and Design LLC. You know that. Any use of this website, its content, or its images is prohibited without the express permission. DON'T STEAL!

International Shipping

Most commonly, International orders are shipped USPS First Class International. This is the most cost effective method of shipping prints, (Priority Mail or UPS/FedEx charge up to $30 USD for a single tube). First Class packages may take up to 2 weeks to arrive depending on how customs treats the package in the receiving country. There is limited package tracking information available and it should be automatically mailed to you once the label has been created. International customers may be subject to a duty or import tax on the tube. This varies from country to country but generally there is a tax and this tax is to be paid by the customer.

Checkout Processing

Posters are rolled, placed into a plastic sleeve, and inserted into industrial grade shipping tubes or rigid mailers for delivery. Posters are not folded or creased at the time of processing. Please be careful when removing the end caps from tubes and removing prints from tubes. Brainstorm is not responsible for damage to prints during removal from the tube.

Rehabilitation for Prints

Posters will retain their curled shape once removed from the tube. They will definitely return to a flattened state with the proper care and treatment. Brainstorm recommends placing the print curled-side down on a flat surface, such as a clean table or hardwood floor, and placing several heavy objects on the back. Brainstorm has found that 5 heavy books, one covering each corner and one in the middle, works best for returning prints to a flattened state. Please allow prints to sit overnight with the weight for best results. In some cases, lightly curling the prints the opposite way will also help the paper fibers straighten out. Or simply frame your print.

Print Life

Prints that are framed tend to have greater longevity than unframed prints. You do not need to spend more than your monthly student loan on frames. Our prints are all standard sizes. There are several great online framing services. Or you could go to a local craft store with a 40% off coupon. To increase the life and vibrant color of your print, do not hang prints in direct sunlight. With proper care, your print will last a lifetime!

Jason at NYNOW - Brainstorm Booth