Brainstorm Golden Pencil Guild

2022 was the year we developed a complete line of goods (beyond prints and puzzles) under the Brainstorm name. To build out a sustainable, considerate and high quality line of Brainstorm merch, we needed support. We didn't go for traditional investor models or crowdfunding platforms and instead took a vulnerable chance asking for help via our social networks. This is the kind of economy we want to live in. Community driven, supportive, and collaborative with the people who have been with us since the beginning. We loved designing all these assets and connecting to people this way. 

Watch our ridiculous promo videos here, here, here, and here

$200 got you one of the limited spots in The Brainstorm Golden Pencil Guild. Every membership included the following: 

  1. The Golden Pencil Guild Membership Card! Signed and numbered with your name & personalized discount code which is good for 10% off every purchase for life.* Discount is valid in addition to any future sales, discounts or promotions for anything we have ever made and will ever make. *To be clear, we’re talking about our life, not yours. It will be difficult to release new merch from the grave. 

  2. The Golden Pencil Guild Members Only Newsletter! Get early access to all new product releases, including limited edition and special items. Respond and collaborate directly with us through survey Q&A’s, preview mock-ups, and get behind-the-scenes access of future product development. 

  3. The Golden Pencil Guild exclusive merch pack!
    1. Membership T-Shirt (pick your size now)
    2. Limited Edition signed and numbered screenprint
    3. Die cut sticker
    4. Bumper sticker
    5. Fridge magnet
    6. Pin
    7. Pencil (gold, obviously)
  4. Future exclusive Guild member goods and invitation to members-only in-person product release parties. 
Brainstorm Golden Pencil Guild
Brainstorm Golden Pencil Guild
Obligatory Securities Law Legal Sentence!
Golden Pencil Guild Supporters will not receive equity in Brainstorm or receive any share of the profits from the products.