Airstream Design Contest

Airstream Design Contest

We entered and won a design contest at Adobe Max in 2016! The prize was a month long trip in a new Airstream Basecamp wrapped in our winning design in Summer of 2017. Travel plans were up to us. So instead of just taking a simple trip somewhere to park for a month, we decided to try for something bigger. We brainstormed extensively, built a whole game plan and pitched Airstream to let us become pseudo ambassadors. In exchange for all expenses reimbursed we had to provide HQ with continuous content while we were on the road and bring the Basecamp into a four Renegade craft shows and let people into it like a showroom. Quite literally wheelin' and dealin'!

All terms were agreed upon and we hit the road with our dog Maple - ready for wide open spaces while also needing wifi. Ha! We sold our prints at Renegade Craft Fairs along the west coast, met our retailers, did pop-up shops, and took in the sights (and learned all about tiny house/trailer living as we went). Take a peek at some highlights below or revisit our adventure on our tumblr.

July was a true whirlwind of a month on so many levels but it's good to look back and reflect on the wild experience. We were afraid of so many things on that trip. Afraid we might break something in the truck/trailer. Afraid the dog would get hurt. Afraid we wouldn't make it to a show on time. Afraid we couldn't give enough of ourselves to everyone who asked. We did our best to stay calm and capture the small moments of peace. Here's a quiet moment from BLM land on the Utah/Colorado border. It all seems silly now but the anxiety was real at the time. The desire to not "waste" the opportunity was relentless and fairly unattainable. What does it even mean to live something to its fullest? We tried to figure that out. I think we're all just trying to figure that out and not burn out in the process.

Brainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an AirstreamBrainstorm in an Airstream

We would do a lot differently if we ever took a trip like this again and I'm thinking maybe we should give it another go on our own terms. Maple really earned her stripes on that cross country trek. Jay and I bonded. Maple and I bonded. We all got to know each other pretty well living in 6x6 feet. It was super stressful but we knew who we were at the end of it. If you really like me at the end of a six week trip in a nano tiny trailer house on wheels, at least we can be confident that we're in it for the #longhaul. Feeling good about 2018 with this team.