Vermont Village Case Study

Here's a little design story. We took on the enormous responsibility of redesigning a logo and rebranding an organic applesauce company. Not exactly our wheelhouse but we love a good challenge, believed in the product, and loved the enthusiasm of the company. So we added it to our agenda. We went along for the bumpy design ride, presenting ideas and formulating a new brand in our own way. We came up with many fun concepts, despite some crazy timelines and unorthodox methods of decision making on behalf of the client. In the end they decided to not use the logo or much of our clean, original work. We didn't do anything groundbreaking, but we're proud of what we created and we're certainly grateful for what we figured out along the way. Sometimes the boss just changes his mind. We also know we grossly undercharged for the service and I'm sure creatives everywhere can relate to being taken advantage of occasionally, especially when the task seems out of your league and you are trying to impress. We should have charged three times the amount we were paid for the amount of work put in and design services rendered. We are now wiser and making better decisions when it comes to taking on client work. We also know to trust our instincts and know when it's time to walk away. 
Here's the Brainstorm version of the logo and some of the pieces we designed. Even though we can't say what's on store shelves is our full work, they are unveiling products old and new with all the elements of the style we created. We still totally support this company and their awesome apple products. We just won't be taking on any branding work in the near future 😆. It's totally our own fault for getting beefed. It's amazing how some of the more challenging things career-wise end up teaching you the most about yourself and your business. Hindsight is a good enough distance to help you find gratitude. I've also added a few shots of other pieces we came up with during the rebranding process.