Gosh, Internet. We just love you.

Gosh, Internet. We just love you.

We are so lucky that the internet exists. The internet connects our prints with people. We're also lucky that people choose to continually add us to it, from all different corners. The following photos are our prints in real places. Seeing our work photographed by other people in new spaces is always so exciting. We love our customers and absolutely LOVE seeing where our prints end up, so please never hesitate to send us pics of Brainstorm prints in the wild. I'm fighting the urge to get really cheesy and break into The Little Mermaid "Part of Your World" song...I won't...but please know that we really do want to be a part of your world. So thank you internet, for bringing us together. Here's a sample of our prints being enjoyed by others:

Rachel Been House Tour : Design Sponge - 2013




Matt & Mel's Apartment Therapy House Tour - May 2014



DESIGN SPONGE Winter 2014 - Floral Gift Wrap



Brian L.- Super Cool Teacher


Laura C. - Renegade Craft Fair Shopper


Katie H. - Pinterest & Twitter