The Early Days of the Brainstorm Studio

The Early Days of the Brainstorm Studio

In the very, very beginning (2007), we still used our college print studio (thanks Rowan!) and also printed in Jason's childhood bedroom. We washed our screens in the tub (thanks Mom!). The pic above was our first "official" basement print studio after college in 2008. Below, building our first washout sink. No plumbing or sump, we dumped it by hand. #amateurhour

This was at my parent's and they were supportive and oh so happy to have us powerwashing screens in their basement.

Early craft shows, early logos and early idealistic thoughts about limited editions. Turns out "limited" really had its limitations. Now we have so much more to offer and we can put food on the table. Win!

Some very early hand printed business cards. This was pre-Instagram but we probably would have shared this one.

Me printing, 2009. Check out our badass drying rack behind me. Who said foam core, screws and duct tape wouldn't hold up paper? Never say never folks. 

Our second basement studio in a house where we lived with 3 college bros. Look how clean the mats were! Still got 'em. Check out that stellar electrical work too.

We operated without a drying rack here. You make do.

Our print studio in our Philadelphia loft. We painted it white. The lime green and magenta criss cross pattern that was there did not live long. This was a great place for us, we enjoyed our time here. But we found out that we just weren't city people. We also didn't like that when dogs peed on the floor upstairs, they also peed on ours. (Because of the gaps in the floorboards). Ew.

Jason with his letter of resignation for the very responsible and steady job he had at our old university. April 2011. Lot's of people said he was crazy and there have been days when they were totally right. But despite the challenges, nothing's better than waking up every day and building something that is completely our own. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 


Bits of our current space...