Mushrooms Nylon Packable Tote

Regular price$ 13.00
We made these Nylon Packable Totes because we LOVE bags. We have bags tucked into every corner of our house. Big totes, little totes. Totes for carrying our other totes. This design is gen 1 of a product line that has brightened up our trips to the grocery store and carries everything we need on quick surf trips to the beach. Ultra lightweight, like AIR. Breezy. Stuffs into itself. How convenient!
  • 17.5"x21" size
  • Mushrooms design
  • Packs down into 5"x6" attached stuff sack
  • Great for grocery trips and beach trips (sand is no match for nylon)
  • Also works great as a dirty laundry bag when you travel
  • Strong enough to carry the weight of all your hopes and dreams
  • Get the matching Mushrooms Puzzle or Mushrooms Screenprint!

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