Yosemite National Park Map

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  • 18" x 24" four color screenprint
  • 11" x 14" digital print
  • Signed and stamped
  • Standard frame sizes
  • A percentage of annual sales is donated to the Native American Rights Fund

***We encourage you to read up about the history of the Ahwahnechee people and the history of Yosemite. (There are two sides to John Muir.)

"Although every area that later became a national park was once utilized or inhabited by American Indians, only Yosemite National Park has ever included a native community within its boundaries. Indeed, Americans are able to cherish their national parks today only because Indians abandoned them involuntarily or were forcibly removed to reservations. Because Indian removal from Yosemite National Park occurred in the first half of this century, and not in the dusty old days of Indian wars and land grabs, the park's early history presents a unique opportunity for examining the basic ideals underpinning American conceptions of wilderness and their close links to ideas about Native Americans." -Mark Spence Dispossessing the Wilderness: Yosemite Indians and the National Park Ideal, 1864-1930

      In an effort to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that Brainstorm uses we are no longer going to offer frames for our prints. 

      After taking a hard look at the many different ways we use plastic in our business we have decided that eliminating frames is the first step of many that we must take to reduce our dependency and usage of wasteful plastic.

      We have to do our part to save the Earth and we hope you'll understand and join us in eliminating plastic from your life in as many ways as possible.

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