We recently adopted a dog from a local rescue and we're so freakin' in love. We named her Maple and she's a mix of Australian Kelpie and some kind of terrier (we think). She came up from Mississippi and is about 1.5 years old, (though we're not sure about that either). We don't know what her early life was like but we do know that she was abandoned. She lives with us now and is getting to have the childhood she deserves! She's a bit of a nervous nellie and we've been working with her to make her more comfortable with sounds, men, kids, etc. In her 2 months with us she's improved tremendously and is becoming the sweet Maple we knew she could be. She's a smarty and is hyper aware of everything because of those big wolfie ears. She comes to work with us every day and has turned our studio into a doggie playground (which we are totally fine with). We're dealing with a health issue for the first few months with her (heartworm) but she is a perfect addition to our little Brainstorm family and we're very lucky to have her in our lives! If you're thinking about it, rescue a dog NOW. Brainstorm new dog Maple

Brainstorm new dog MapleBrainstorm new dog Maple

Posted June 6, 2016

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