Brainstorm Lollapalooza Blanket

Those of you heading to Lollapalooza this weekend already know that you've set yourselves up for a real treat. Being in the Windy City isn't the only thing that's gonna blow you away. Amiright? That lineup is A+ and so are my jokes.  

What you might not know is that Brainstorm was approached to create designs that will be sold as official merch. We are really excited to share this bit of news with you and also want to thank the good people at C3 Concerts for asking us to be a part of Lolla's 25th Anniversary!


So, if you're at the festival, make sure you have your eyes peeled for these beauties.



Heck, post an Instagram picture if you're wearing some of our designs and tag us @wearebrainstorm. We'd love to see it and pretend we're there with ya watching Local Natives together.

For the rest of us who are feeling mighty jelly right about now, let me find a silver lining: we don't have to use any port-o-potties this weekend. Also, a couple of our designs are available in the Lolla online store right now! Here's the women's tank and here's the men's tee.




Posted July 26, 2016

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