January 31 - February 3, 2016 marked our second NY NOW trade show in New York City. We invited Sara to join us and it was great for her to meet our retailers in person. We built our own walls and we hand carry everything into the Javits, so it's always a logistical thunderstorm. Though once the booth is assembled and organized, we get to the fun stuff. You never know who's going to walk into the booth! We love getting to know the buyers and press walking around, and we love it even more when we see current retailers and old industry friends. We released our new trail prints, as well as The Sun and Mountain. Our collection is growing in fun ways and people are enjoying our vibe. We split the booth up by our different collections, science prints on one side and active/outdoors/nature on the other. It turned out better than I anticipated and we had a fantastic show. 

Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Here's a look at our handmade walls before we hung the prints. The lights were totally not pointed where I requested, so I began the hunt for Javits electrical help. It would be hilarious to make a "Best in Show" type mocumentary about trade show characters. The electrical foreman who you can never see face to face, the self-important executive show staff, the crazy booth neighbors, the food vendors, the old ladies who've been "in the industry for forty years"...it's a circus. Veteran vendors, are you with me? Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Here's Sara soaking in the heat of the parcan lights.Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016We ate some really good foods all over the city and did some touring like tourists. Here's Sara and Jay in Times Square, (expressions speak louder than words). We went to see JB Smoove at Carolines to take the edge off. SO good. And of course seated right next to us at the same table is some guy from Dover, NH. Small world. Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016The parcan lights in the booth were freakin' hot. Notice the angry eyes and the sweaty. Brainstorm at NY NOW - Winter 2016

And then it was done. We packed it all up into a pile on my 30th birthday and walked away. Only to come back the next day with a van from New Jersey. Like I said, logistical nightmare. But we came out of it more experienced and with some new retailers to boot! We're overall happy campers. Exhausted and happy.

Posted February 21, 2016

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