We love old machinery. This hunk of cast iron had us in its mechanical grip as soon as we laid eyes on it. Thanks to a tip from our buds down at Baltimore Print Studios, we immediately got in touch with John Barrett from Letterpress Things in Springfield, Mass. We immediately fell in love with him too, but we couldn't take him with us. 

He was full of great stories and knew the exact history of this paper cutter, to which we are so fortunate. We love knowing being able to trace the roots of our shop equipment because almost all of it is refurbished. It's great to feel connected to things that have come and gone and give them a new home. We'll be bringing it to the studio next week and we are so freakin' excited. We held out getting this piece of equipment for so long, it's going to be such a fantastic addition to our workflow and to our own personal history.

"I'm going to hit you upside the head with a verbal two-by-four...there are NO GUARDS!"

—JB on his concern for our safety with old, sharp equipment.  

Posted March 14, 2014

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