The Brainstorm print collection has grown into unmanageable stacks since 2007. So many old prints floating around. No longer for sale, but never to be trashed. It's our visual history as a collaborative team. We can tell you where we lived and what was going on in our lives at the time just by seeing an old print. Trying to organize it in real life has been quite a bitch. We can now happily say that the bulk of it sits right here in chronological order (from newest to oldest), on our new site!

We painted a wall in our studio gray, after we spent an hour in the hardware store fighting over what shade would be best. We landed on this and are pretty happy with the result. It is SO nice to see it all in one place, organized neatly. Maybe you remember seeing some of these at a craft show in Baltimore or maybe you bought one in San Francisco. These prints got around. Do you own one? It's probably a limited edition! 

It also might be 19x25". Yeah. Sorry about that! We weren't operating on standard frame sizes back then. We didn't have even basic cutting equipment. Every print sale has contributed to better practices and happier customers. SO THANKS!


Posted February 14, 2014

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