Buy 1 Give 1 Brainstorm Print Sale!

Brainstorm Buy 1 Give 1
It's back! This will be our second annual holiday "Buy 1, Give 1" sale! We had such a great response from last many people were grateful for the free gift. It's a small thing but it feels good. And don't we all need to feel a little better?

So if you buy any 18x24" or 16x20" print from our shop we will throw in a free 8x10" print for you! We highly suggest paying it forward and giving it as a gift but you are always welcome to keep it. We'll pick the print but you'll get full credit and all the love for it. 'Tis the season! LAST DAY TO ORDER IS DEC. 19th!! (We also are not going to guarantee Christmas delivery because the USPS always does their own thing anyway. Bless 'em.)

A friend who's down in the dumps
Someone you're trying to turn into a friend
A standard run-of-the-mill friend
Your secret santa person
Your outdoorsy friend
Your indoorsy friend
Your lover
The food junkie (not to be confused with junk foodie, but can be one in the same)
A science nerd
A lumberjack

We're also offering free shipping on domestic orders over $100 too!
*One free print per order. We're not millionaires. 

Posted November 30, 2016

Brainstorm for L.L. Bean

Brainstorm framed National Parks print for L.L. Bean

Brainstorm has hit the shelves of L.L. Bean stores across the country this fall! Our framed National Parks and Appalachian Trail prints as well as our Camping Cans are in good company surrounded by other high quality goods that Bean offers.

The picture above is from the Freehold, NJ location and we encourage you to send in pictures from your local L.L. Bean stores if you spy some Brainstorm stuff. We'd love to see how each store styles us. 

It has been a smooth and wonderful ramping up of our partnership with a brand all three of us Brainstormers support regularly and admire. (I still have my monogrammed cobalt blue Bean backpack from middle school. Just sayin'.) 

Brainstorm Appalachian Trail framed print

The picture below is of my sister and her boyfriend at the Freeport, ME store from the summer. Please note the Umbros and also the creative use of maple syrup. Their enthusiasm captures exactly how we feel about all of this, too.

Brainstorm National Parks framed print

- Sara


Posted October 11, 2016


Brainstorm Lollapalooza Blanket

Those of you heading to Lollapalooza this weekend already know that you've set yourselves up for a real treat. Being in the Windy City isn't the only thing that's gonna blow you away. Amiright? That lineup is A+ and so are my jokes.  

What you might not know is that Brainstorm was approached to create designs that will be sold as official merch. We are really excited to share this bit of news with you and also want to thank the good people at C3 Concerts for asking us to be a part of Lolla's 25th Anniversary!


So, if you're at the festival, make sure you have your eyes peeled for these beauties.



Heck, post an Instagram picture if you're wearing some of our designs and tag us @wearebrainstorm. We'd love to see it and pretend we're there with ya watching Local Natives together.

For the rest of us who are feeling mighty jelly right about now, let me find a silver lining: we don't have to use any port-o-potties this weekend. Also, a couple of our designs are available in the Lolla online store right now! Here's the women's tank and here's the men's tee.




Posted July 26, 2016

Brainstorm for Patagonia

Brainstorm designs for Patagonia T ShirtsIt was March in 2015. We were on our way back from the grocery store. Jay was driving. I peeked at my phone after an email beep, (as we both have a tendency to do). The beep revealed a simple subject line..."hello from Patagonia". What! I can remember the moment vividly because of how quickly my excitement escalated. I opened the email, scanned it without reading and babbled some words to Jay, trying not to get him worked up since he was driving. He of course got frustrated at my incoherence so I went back to the beginning and read it to him as calmly as I could. The art director told us how he was a fan of our work and how he scanned our about page and saw Jason in a Patagonia fleece and that sealed the deal for a reach out. Amazing! We've been long time fans of this great company. Mutual admiration is a powerful thing! So after a few weeks and a long chain of email brainstorming, we landed on the three designs to be licensed. One of them was a fully custom piece, merging our Ski Resort and Mountain Hiking prints with climbing icons. So much fun.

So here we are, a year and five months later and we finally got some samples in! Only the women's tanks are online. It's looking like the mens shirts will be released later in the summer for Fall '16. You can see the first tanks here and here!

Brainstorm designs for Patagonia ShirtsBrainstorm designs for Patagonia ShirtsThis is definitely a woman's shirt. But I had Jason try it on for this quick photoshoot anyway. I thought it looked nice. Brainstorm designs for Patagonia Shirts

Brainstorm designs for Patagonia ShirtsBrainstorm designs for Patagonia ShirtsBrainstorm designs for Patagonia ShirtsBrainstorm designs for Patagonia ShirtsBrainstorm designs for Patagonia Shirts

Posted July 12, 2016

Camp Cheerio

June called and invited us to take a road trip to the Maine woods with friends. We hopped on 95 north to stay at Sara's family cabin. Maple joined us for an off-grid weekend adventure. There were naps. There was Monopoly. There were chips and dips and lots of eating in general. There were boat rides and beautiful sunsets. We feel lucky to live near these things. 

Brainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in MaineBrainstorm visits Camp Cheerio in Maine


Posted June 16, 2016