• Brainstorm for L.L. Bean 2016
  • Brainstorm for L.L. Bean framed National Parks print 2016
  • Brainstorm for L.L. Bean framed Appalachian Trail print 2016

We began working with L.L. Bean in late 2015 to roll out Brainstorm items in their stores. As of fall 2016, our framed National Parks and Appalachian Trail prints, as well as our Camping Cans, are carried at L.L. Bean retail stores across the country.

The print framing associated with this endeavor enabled us to begin offering frames in our Brainstorm retail store-- something that has been a goal of ours for a long time.

Start to Finish - Packing Prints for L.L.Bean from Brainstorm on Vimeo.




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