Briana and Jason - Brainstorm

It's personal. And it's business. 

We're Jason Snyder and Briana Feola

Brainstorm is the ever-evolving design studio and poster shop we operate from the fifth floor of an old mill in New Hampshire. We make and sell bright and brainy prints (and goods) inspired by the things that make us feel truly human. The business is our creative outlet to share the joy we find in science, nature, and the outdoors. We also design and illustrate for companies that share the same thirst for knowledge and adventure. We've been brainstorming since college, got married last year, and have a rescue dog named Maple. Life in a nutshell!

If you want to know more about us, click here to spend ten minutes reading the long-winded story!

Studio Manager & Brainstorm "It Girl"

Sara - Brainstorm Wholesale Account Manager

The duo has become a trio! Sara joined the studio in September 2015 to become our studio manager. She's alright once you get to know her. She manages all of our wholesale accounts and keeps the studio running like a well-oiled machine. She keeps us in line when we get too wild and is as organized as they come. If you're looking to become a retailer of Brainstorm prints, have questions about what we do here all day, or need some general cheering up...she's your girl. 

Visit our RETAILERS page to see who else is carrying our prints and goods. If you think you're a good fit, email Sara to get the party started. She'll send you our most recent online catalog, and maybe even a fun package of samples.


This is our studio. Go ahead. Snoop around.

This is how Briana works:

When I'm not doing business-y things or bossing Jason around, I love to paint (watercolors, mostly). We built some big tables so I can have all my paints, pens, and inspirational books out all the time. This is my favorite place to try out new long as the business to-do list is (sort of) done. 

This is how Jason works:

Brainstorm Jason burning screens, printing wrapping paper
Jason - Brainstorm SketchesJason - Brainstorm Sketches

Jason can work anywhere. An armchair. A tiny corner of his desk. There are paper piles and eraser shavings everywhere. When he's not drawing to his heart's content (or for a fun new project), you can find him on press making sure there are plenty of prints in stock.

Brainstorm Crew
Portraits by Bill Kramer. Studio shots and working photos by More & Co. and Brainstorm